Thanks to donations from individuals, businesses and foundations, the ARI Project has raised 1,036,588 euros. This amount will be used to initiate a clinical trial of 10 patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who may be given CART (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T) therapy developed at Hospital Clínic.

34,745 euros of the funds raised are spent improving the attendance of patients of the Institut Clínic de Malalties Hemato-Oncològiques. 934,147 euros is the money that the Hospital will invest in implementing the CART therapy, a medication created and developed in the Clinic that allows to reduce in 90% the cost that this treatment requires in the United States. The remaining 67,696 euros are intended to cover any unforeseen developments that may arise in the development of this first clinical trial.

ARI goes forward

The ARI Project does not ends with the first CAR. After reaching this goal, the challenge is to develop a second trial for patients with Multiple Myeloma (MM), a cancer that is formed in the plasma cells of the blood. CAR has also been shown to be effective in treating MM, the second most frequent hematologic cancer. It is for this reason that the ARI Project is already launching its second stage.